Courthouse Park Christmas Tree Decorating

On the cold morning of November 19, 2018 nine hardy members of the club assembled to decorate the community Christmas tree in Courthouse Park in downtown Lakeport.  The club thanks the City of Lakeport Public Works Department for providing the bucket truck and two of its employees to provide assistance.  The tree will be light in the evening on Saturday, November 25, at the conclusion of the Dickens’ Christmas Fair.

President John dons his hard had to operate the bucket truck up to the top of the tree.

Alice lends support to brave Mike.

Alice carefully places ornaments on the tree.

Ross is always concerned about safety as he buries the electrical line. It also keeps him off the ladders.

Nancy, Jennifer and Alice really enjoyed prepping the lights.

So many ornaments… so many COLD fingers!

The finished product. Ready for Saturday’s lighting ceremony.

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